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1. How Do I Set My Profile Picture?

Click the down arrow at the top right, then click “Settings”. Now click Modify Profile Pic and/or Cover Image and upload your pics.

If you experience any issues with your Profile Pic looking off, try setting your browser to “Desktop View” or use a desktop/laptop computer.

2. Why does it log me out sometimes when I leave?

As a social media platform, we take individual liberty and privacy very seriously. Therefore, because some "other platforms" track users no matter where they go, our system will log users out from time to time in order to keep those "other platforms" from tracking our users from Postr!

3. How Do I Get Verified?

To be Verified, click the down arrow at the top, then click “Settings”. Now click “Become A Creator” and follow the directions. 

4. How Do I Set My Subscription Rates?

Find out how to set your rates by CLICKING HERE.

5. When And How Do I Get Paid?

Minimum withdrawal amount is $50. Your payment would be available in 7 business days. You can request payment only once at a time.

To view your withdraw page, click the down arrow then click “Settings”. Now scroll down until you see “Withdraw”.

6. What Is The Difference Between "Types" of Posts?

On Postr, you can choose to set each Post to 4 different types of Posts.

  1. Everyone – Everyone on and off of the platform can view these Posts.
  2. Followers – Only people who are following you can view these Posts.
  3. Subscribers – Only people who are paying Subscribers can view these Posts.
  4. Premium – Only paid Subscribers can view these Posts. However, with Premium, even those people who are not Subscribed can buy access to view these Posts individually.

7. What Is The Difference Between A Follower and A Subscriber?

Anyone can Follow you for free and see all of your free content. However, only Subscribers can view your exclusive content.

8. How Do I Turn Email Notifications On/Off?

Click the down arrow at the top and click “Settings”. Scroll down until you see “Preferences”. Click that and toggle “Email notification settings”.

9. How Do I Make My Profile Private To Anyone Not Logged In?

Click the down arrow at the top and click “Settings”. Scroll down until you see “Preferences”. Click it and toggle “Profile display settings” to on or off.

10. Does Postr Have A Blog?

Yes. You can find our blog and other resources by CLICKING HERE.

11. What Makes Postr Different From Other Subscription Capable Platforms?

While other platforms that offer Subscription capabilities and crowdfunding are awesome, at Postr we pride ourselves in being a fully open Social Media platform rather than a locked fans only platform.

The difference with us is that our Verified Creators have the option to offer their fans Subscriptions to exclusive content while also being able to post free content.